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Funeral prepayment plans 1995 - 2017

We No Longer Supply Funeral Plans

Funeral Planning Services issued funeral prepayment plans from 1995 until 2017, working with local funeral directors and will writers. The funeral payments are held in Funeral Planning Trust.  Funeral Planning Services and Funeral Planning Trust stopped accepting new business in April 2017.  If you wish to buy a new plan we recommend Ecclesiastical Planning Services Limited – please click here for details:

The office at Flint House, Norwich is now closed.  All administration of plans held in Funeral Planning Trust is carried out by Ecclesiastical Planning Services: paying for funerals when required, recording address changes and paying refunds if plans are cancelled.  For contact details please see below.

Things will change again on 29th July 2022 as a result of new legislation and we are currently writing to all plan holders. Please see “Regulation of Funeral Plans” below.

The Current Situation - until 29th July 2022

The funeral director named on the Funeral Plan Guarantee certificate has guaranteed to provide the services specified when required according to the terms of the plan.  Every plan includes a schedule showing what is included in the plan.  When the funeral has been provided the plan amount will be withdrawn from Funeral Planning Trust and paid to the named funeral director.  If you wish to use a different funeral director to the one named on the certificate you can cancel the plan and apply for a refund.

The funeral plan guarantees the cost of the funeral director’s services as stated in the plan.  Most plans also include a contribution towards related expenses such as cremation or burial fees and minister’s fees (known as “disbursements”) but these costs are outside of the funeral director’s control and cannot be guaranteed.  If the actual cost of the disbursements required is more than the contribution included in the plan, the difference will be payable at the time of the funeral.

Questions and Answers

Can I buy a new plan for myself, or for a friend or relative?

We do not sell funeral plans but you can buy one from your funeral director or direct from Ecclesiastical Planning Services – please click here for details:

What if I change my address?

If you change your address you must inform Ecclesiastical Planning Services without delay, because we will be writing to you shortly about an important change to your plan.  Please use the change of address form in your customer pack or you can download one from this website but please post it to Ecclesiastical Planning Services in Gloucester (see contact details below) not to the old Funeral Planning Services address in Norwich, because that office is now closed.  A notification of change of address must be in writing and signed by the plan holder or someone with Power of Attorney.

If you move to a new area not normally covered by the funeral director named on your funeral plan there may be some extra cost involved because of the travel required, or it might be better to cancel your plan.  Please write or email with the details and Ecclesiastical Planning Services will contact you to discuss your options.

Can I cancel my plan?

You have the right to cancel your plan at any time and receive a refund equal to the amount you have paid less the original plan administration charge noted on your Funeral Plan Guarantee certificate.  You can use the cancellation form in your customer pack, or you can download one from this website, or you can simply return your Funeral Plan Guarantee certificate with a short note, but in all cases you must post it to Ecclesiastical Planning Services in Gloucester (see contact details below).  Whichever way you choose, the cancellation instruction must be signed by the plan holder or someone with Power of Attorney.

What if the plan is not used?

If someone who had a plan dies but the plan is not used Ecclesiastical Planning Services will treat this as a cancellation and pay a refund to the plan holder’s executors.  They are not authorised to pay the refund to friends or relatives unless they are executors.

Can I get a copy of the full terms & conditions?

There should be a copy of the Funeral Planning Services Terms and Conditions in your customer pack, or you can download a copy from this website, but please note that the administration address has changed to Ecclesiastical Planning Services in Gloucester.

Useful Information Leaflets

There should be a copy of each of these leaflets in your customer pack but you can also download copies here. In either case, please be aware that the "Flint House, Norwich" address printed on these documents is out of date. Flint House is now closed, as noted above.

Cancellation Form

Change of Address Form

Terms and Conditions

My Wishes for the Funeral

My Important Information

What to Do When Someone Dies

Regulation of Funeral Plans

Funeral prepayment plans purchased in the UK have been regulated by the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 up to now, but new rules will come into force from 29th July 2022.  From then, all funeral plan providers must be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Funeral Planning Services is currently registered with the Funeral Planning Authority, which monitors plan providers and maintains a set of Rules and a Code of Practice for Prepaid Funeral Plans, but the Funeral Planning Authority will cease on 29th July 2022.

The Funeral Planning Trust closed to new business in 2017.  From 29th July 2022, Funeral Planning Services will not be authorised as a funeral plan provider and will not be allowed to arrange and pay for funerals.  This is because of a change in the law.  We are currently writing to all 39,000 plan holders setting out their options: letters are being posted in February, March and April 2022.  If your address has changed since you purchased your plan, please check that we have your current address.  This is a big task and we are a small company – please bear with us as we deal with all the letters and responses.  If you have not received a letter from us by the end of April 2022 please contact Ecclesiastical Planning Services.

Each plan holder has a choice about what happens to their funeral payment – full details will be provided in the letter.  You cannot register your choice until you receive the letter but, in summary, you will have the option to change to a new Ecclesiastical funeral plan for the same price – the same funeral director will still carry out the same funeral.  If you choose this option, the money to pay for your funeral will be withdrawn from Funeral Planning Trust and kept in an insurance policy held by Ecclesiastical, which will comply with the new funeral plan regulations.  When you receive the letter, simply sign and return the ‘Option 1’ form included in the pack and we will send confirmation that your new plan has been set up by 29 July 2022.  Alternatively, you will have the option to cancel your plan and obtain a refund.

For Funeral Directors

How to report the death of a plan-holder

By email

You can email Ecclesiastical Planning Services:  Please ensure that you include your name, as well as the customer’s full name and the plan number.

By telephone

Please call Ecclesiastical Planning Services on: 0800 633 5626

By post

Send your invoice, together with supporting documentation, to: Ecclesiastical Planning Services, Benefact House, 2000 Pioneer Avenue, Gloucester Business Park, Brockworth, Gloucester GL3 4AW

Contact Ecclesiastical Planning Services

If you have any questions about a Funeral Planning Services plan please speak to your funeral director or  contact:

Ecclesiastical Planning Services, Benefact House, 2000 Pioneer Avenue, Gloucester Business Park, Brockworth, Gloucester GL3 4AW

Telephone 0800 633 5626


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