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of funeral prepayments since 1995

Funeral Planning Trust has managed the investment of funds associated with Prepaid Funeral Plans since 1995. Over 86,600 plans have been managed on behalf of plan holders across the UK and Northern Ireland to date. We are currently responsible for more than 53,000 active plans which will be called upon in the coming years. Increasingly, people are buying funeral plans to make their own final arrangements and to set the price to be paid - however long the plan is in place.

Every funeral plan payment entrusted to Funeral Planning Trust has been invested wisely throughout all our years, and this continues today. Annual results  have been positive and reliable, even during times of economic uncertainty or challenge

There when you need it

Funeral Planning Trust trustees and investment management experts have established and continue to maintain a fund of over £176 million which fully covers payments associated with the tens of thousands of plans it is responsible for, as well as having a significant surplus of several millions of pounds. This provides long-term security for every prepaid funeral plan and for the people who provide or pay for them.

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since 1995

The security
of a carefully managed fund

Those who sell or buy a prepaid plan need to be fully confident that it is financially safe, sound and secure. To achieve this, Funeral Planning Trust was created in 1995 and its responsibilities are overseen by a small group of independent Trustees.

The Trust's key role

The Trust’s key role is to hold and effectively invest funeral prepayments and generate returns to add to the fund. It is these returns on investments and assets that underwrite the difference between the price of a plan at time of signing and the actual cost at the time the funeral is arranged, often years later.

Our objective

Our objective has always been to ensure all payments received are invested conservatively, with probity, integrity and care. This principle underpins all the Trust's plans for the future, too.

Funeral Planning Services Limited was established to provide the administrative services associated with prepaid funeral plans and make payments to funeral directors when necessary. Today, a proactive partnership between Funeral Planning Services Limited and associated funeral directors continues to expand the availability of funeral plans and the efficient management of payments when needed.

Funeral Planning Trust receives and invests payments associated with pre-arranged funeral plans. The assetts of Funeral Planning Trust are legally separate from Funeral Planning Services Limited.  The majority of Trustees are also independent of the company. By maintaining this separation of roles, as well as through closely managed relationships with our advisers and regulators, we are able to effectively guarantee the future protection and security of all funeral payments.

What is a




A significant saving on future funeral costs

A funeral prepayment plan covers the costs of a funeral that an individual arranges in advance so that everything is clear and in place from the first day after the plan is paid for. Plans can also be paid for by instalments over a number of months or years.


Payments are made in whole or part to cover the agreed cost of the funeral. Payments are made direct to Funeral Planning Trust.

Funeral costs

A plan holder’s funeral of choice will then be provided when required at the price agreed when the plan was originally taken out – regardless of the amount of time that has passed by. This can significantly reduce the amount paid for the services of a funeral director when compared with current prices at the time it is arranged.  Having a prepaid funeral plan is often seen as a positive financial arrangement whereby ‘today’s prices’ remain applicable long into the future.


It should be noted that the cost of the funeral plan guarantees only the cost of the funeral director's services. Many plans include a contribution towards disbursements, such as crematorium or burial fees but such costs are outside the control of the funeral director.

You can be sure your


The secure

home for your funeral prepayment plan

Funeral Planning Trust provides a strong financial foundation that securely and safely protects each pre-paid funeral plan we are responsible for.

Diligent fund management and informed investment has built a fund that significantly exceeds the total combined value of the tens of thousands of plans that are currently being managed today.

Safe investment

At all times, we will maintain a consistent overview of our fund management and investment policies to fully protect the best interests of our funeral  directors’ plan holders and also those of clients who have purchased their plan directly from us.  We will always meet expectations of financial probity and safe investment, and proactively protect the long-term security of every plan entrusted to us.

We are fully compliant and usually exceed the regulations and requirements expected of us by the regulatory organisation which guides and monitors the sale and administration of funeral prepayment plans in the United Kingdom – the Funeral Planning Authority.

Every year we provide the Authority with fully audited financial statements of Funeral Planning Trust and an actuarial valuation of the fund. We see this as a means of officially reporting our success but also our commitment to being a responsible organisation dedicated to the best interests of those associated with us and who put their trust in our abilities to protect their payments.

How we protect



Protecting the obligations of every prepaid funeral plan

Our role is to ensure that Funeral Planning Trust has sufficient capital and assets to fully meet the obligations of every prepaid funeral plan we serve to protect.

High standards

Throughout our history we have set high standards in all we do and these remain central to our guiding values for the future. The standards we have held since 1995 are now nationally required under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

To date we are responsible for the delivery of over 70,000 prepaid funeral plans. During the twenty years since establishing Funeral Planning Trust we have worked with hundreds of independent funeral directors across the United Kingdom, sharing their commitment to provide a means by which an individual can plan their own funeral whilst still in good health, make a payment that guaranteed full payment of that funeral whenever it occurred and to protect family members from unexpected financial hardship.

Essential role

Over the years our role has become more essential as people from all walks of life have chosen to plan and pay for their funeral in advance. At the time of purchase each of our plans is allocated to a named funeral director, who later ensures the funeral arrangements set out by the client are provided.

As the next two decades unfold our commitment to service and successful investment will continue as it has done since 1995 – in the best interests of those who place their trust in us.

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